Perl module: App::Pastebin::Create

What is App::Pastebin::Create?

It’s a pastebin creator + uploader for pastebin.com, a tool written in Perl.

How to use it?

pastebin-create --text "Your text" --format 'perl' --expiry 10m --private 0 --desc "My perl mod title"

This will result a link to the public paste, with “My perl mod title” as the paste description, that will expiry in 10 minutes, with perl syntax highlighting, and “Your text” as the content.

How to install?

make sure you already configured CPAN first!

I recommend using cpanm instead of cpan for installation. To install cpanm, you need to run cpan App::cpanminus first.

From my forked distribution on Github (maintained by me):

bash <(curl -L https://gist.githubusercontent.com/faraco/b6acb4626da6962ad46aa7e250d1ac12/raw/d433116845cb0a3ce849edb75789a6053ef4e2ce/install.bash)

With cpanm (official CPAN): > `cpanm App::Pastebin::Create`

with cpan:

cpan App::Pastebin::Create

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Tags: perl, programming, linux, unix, module, library, pastebin


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