Making an HTML5 Game in 7 Days

Making a game with CoffeeScript and Phaser.

WillyG Productions


I made an HTML5 game in JavaScript called Dave Likes Pizza over the course of a single week. You can play it here or view the sources here. This article is about the development process, which is rather interesting because I previously knew almost nothing about JavaScript or web development.

Day 1: Ideas and Research

The first most pressing question might be, “Why HTML5?” I have experience in a few game engines (Unreal, Sparrow, LibGDX, SDL, to name a few), none of which have anything to do with the Internet. But I think that the Internet as a whole is approaching a sort of technological singularity, in that it is quickly becoming possible to do anything on the web. If you don’t believe me you can check out this page of WebGL demos. Probably no one knows this better than Google; they even have a thing called…

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