Day 2 – Bioinformatics with Perl 6

Perl 6 and Bioinformatics.

Perl 6 Advent Calendar

Summer of 2016 and I’m preparing to help teach a class on metagenomics with my boss, Dr. Bonnie Hurwitz, at The University of Arizona.  She and I are both alumi of Dr. Lincoln Stein’s lab when he was at Cold Spring Harbor where we worked on Gramene, a comparative genomics platform for plants.  Way back in 1999, Lincoln created an intensive two-week course at CSHL called “Programming for Biologists” to teach everything from Unix to Perl to BLAST and CGI.  I was fortunate to be a teaching assistant several times over the years and came to enjoy helping bench scientists learn computational tools and techniques.  In the fall 2015 debut class of Bonnie’s class, we used Lincoln’s material to teach Perl 5, but I was ready to push into a new language.

Over the years, I’ve played with Python, Lisp, Ruby, Haskell, Prolog, and others.  Python would have been…

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