Which programming language to use when solving a problem in specific domain?


Unix/Linux scripting, system administration, one liners and command line utilities.


Science, mathematics, machine learning, Raspberry Pi, web development, desktop applications, and command line utilities.


Simple to medium-sized and agile web development.


Bourne shell replacement, simple unix scripting, and used when no better language implementations available.


Exploratory programming and practical JVM language.


2 thoughts on “Which programming language to use when solving a problem in specific domain?”

  1. “Bash – … when no better language implementations available”
    means it is the last choice?

    Choosing PL is hard to tell. Especially nowadays any PL will try to provide crucial and fundamental functionalities other PL provide to be competitive.

    IMO, ‘application domain’ is just 1 of the criteria to choose PL. Besides domain and the structure of the language, the library, reference, support, and also the facilities provided by the PL also play an important role. Even some developers may simply influenced by promotions and politics.

    I prefer to use Perl instead of Python simply because i like the language and it does provide most of the required functions, and use Java instead of C++ for GUI-based app because it is easier and cross-platform. But commonly i will consider the technical support that i can get before adapting any PL.

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    1. Thanks for the reply.

      Bash, yes *for* administration tasks on Linux. For example, Tiny core doesn’t have Python nor Perl, or Tcl included with the distribution out of the box, which forces me to use sh/dash/bash/*sh implementation that are available.

      I like Perl too and I prefer it over Python just like you, but when it comes to specific libraries (scipy, scrapy, etc), I rather use Python for the task.

      All of the mentioned languages are capable of doing anything imaginable, including Bash paired with its infamous coreutils.

      That said it also depends on what type of projects and for who you are going to do.


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