How I launch Golang Web App Using Docker

Very useful for Golang developers.

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I have recently build and launch one monitoring web app in my current company. which to monitor our internal test and services running on different environment. I have build the app on go(golang) which I have really enjoyed to work. This is the technology stack I used:

  • golang(backend)
  • Gorrila (rest api)
  • javascript
  • chart libraries(d3.js, crossfilter.js and dc.js)

This is my first web app for which I used docker to launch on ECS. it’s running currently on our ECS instance without any issue. I went through some learning process to figure out, how to launch the app on docker. Anyway, I am writing the steps, I followed while launching through docker; May be it will help someone to launch using docker.

  • First Step: Create the Dockerfile

There could be different ways do build the dockerfile, I created following Dockerfile:

Please Note: Just make sure you write this file into your project…

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